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 Junction construction

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Junction construction Empty
BeitragThema: Junction construction   Junction construction Icon_minitimeDi 5 Jul - 13:59


As you may be well aware, I am building a map. However, I need a custom T junction:

Ruhlebener Straße ---+--- Kloster Straße
            Seeburger Straße
(Damn the ß's.)

I got Blender up and running and also I have all the textures set up to my custom path (C:\Users\Piotr\Desktop\Documents\OMSI\SDK-N\Crossings) but when I import the splines I need, they all appear white:
Junction construction
What do I need to do to set up the textures properly? My German is way below the useful level and thus I decided not to go with the SDK (waste of time with Google Translate, as not always I get what it translates). I have somehow worked out the actual applying but then the whole street object gets the same single texture and that's definitely not what I want.

Thanks for any help.
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Junction construction
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