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 Sunset City :: First Preview Video Released

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Sunset City :: First Preview Video Released Empty
BeitragThema: Sunset City :: First Preview Video Released   Sunset City :: First Preview Video Released Icon_minitimeSa 14 Mai - 20:45

Welcome to Sunset City

Sunset City is a fictional based around Hollywood area of America. It is primarily based off "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip", a small 22-episode TV show from 2006.

The video below is the first ever build of the game. It is nowhere near completion, and I will be taking my time as I have other business to attend to, but will continously add this when I get chance (and give me 4 weeks and I will be working on it non- stop!)

While you may not have watched the show, there was no real city it was based in, so most of this is entirely either character driven or personal preferences, but with references to the show. You DO NOT need to have watched the show to understand it however, as the preview videos will help, but the route itself will be inclusive to itself.

Stay tuned for more updates very soon!

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Sunset City :: First Preview Video Released
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