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 [WIP] 87 Route - Left Hand and Right Hand versions

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BeitragThema: [WIP] 87 Route - Left Hand and Right Hand versions   Mi 30 Nov - 21:47

Inspired by a real route, I have recreated the 87 route in OMSI. However, due to the limitations of Left-Hand streets, the route is not perfectly accurate. If you have the IBIS2 addon for the Dennis Enviro 500 then announcements are included (you can see the text in the first video).


Route - Left Hand: 90%
Route - Right Hand: 55%

Scenery Objects - Left Hand: 25%
Scenery Objects - Right Hand: 15%

AI - Left Hand: 85-90%
AI - Right Hand: 0%

The Left Hand route is almost complete and will be released first.

Early Preview 1:

I will update this thread as I make more progress.


Oldbury Depot

Dudley Bus Station

Oldbury Interchange

If anyone knows how to make the displays look like the ones on the Durham route, please can you tell me (the current ones look terrible).

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[WIP] 87 Route - Left Hand and Right Hand versions
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