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 British things - Are they possible?

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Anzahl der Beiträge : 22
Anmeldedatum : 05.11.11
Ort : Kent, UK

British things - Are they possible? Empty
BeitragThema: British things - Are they possible?   British things - Are they possible? Icon_minitimeSo 20 Nov - 13:34

When a map of Canterbury to Herne Bay (British) comes out I would like to extend it to Ashford via Wye. There are some British things that I would like to include but I don't know whether they are possible:
  • Flashing Speed signs - If the speed limit on a road is 40mph and you go past at 50mph they activate an LED '40MPH' sign with flashing lights around it. Can I make one of these that works?

  • Human Operated Level Crossing gates - Seen at Wye, these gates span the whole road and are opened and shut by a man. They do not go up. Will AI traffic behave and not crash through them?

  • Car Speed Bumps - Buses straddle them, but cars have to bump over them, can I make the AI cars bump over them?

  • Two-way roads only wide enough for one vehicle - the main road through Wye has parking on both sides. The road is two-way but there is only space to fit one vehicle. Sometimes buses get stuck. Can I make the AI cars get out of the way?

EDIT: Another thing: How do I create Road Surface Markings? (Like the arrows, but I want a busstop rectangle instead.)
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 67
Anmeldedatum : 04.05.11
Ort : Devon

British things - Are they possible? Empty
BeitragThema: Re: British things - Are they possible?   British things - Are they possible? Icon_minitimeMo 5 Dez - 6:16

There are speed hump objects, but not the centrally located humps you talk about. As far as narrow roads are concerned, I've put parked cars on one side of a standard 7m road, and used the invis_street spline to carry traffic along the narrower section. I tried this out and had a quintessentially british moment when another bus came the other way cause we both had to creep past each other with inches to spare lol.
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British things - Are they possible?
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