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 Timetable - Trip not rolling over after completion

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Timetable - Trip not rolling over after completion Empty
BeitragThema: Timetable - Trip not rolling over after completion   Timetable - Trip not rolling over after completion Icon_minitimeDi 16 Aug - 2:46

Hi all,

I'm currently in the progress of constructing a map based in a suburb north east of Perth, Western Australia. I've got all roads down that are required and I've created a test route to make sure that it is all working properly. When I go to select the route (in this case "338") that's fine. Then I select the trip no. (#1) That is also fine. The problems I am facing and I have tried several possibilities are listed below...

Enter IBIS code for the route. This case 338 and 01. (It is a circular route). The destination will show up as what I want, however on the IBIS it just comes up with several ............................... dots like that. I have created a depot file and I thought I made the appropriate changes (modified from the Grundorf hof file) by putting the appropriate bus stops, code etc... But it doesn't seem to work correctly on the D92 when selecting next stop.

The other problem is when I return to the terminus. The trip is complete and it shows me the outline, but it doesn't show when I start the next trip. (This test run has a set interval of every 15mins with a 6 min journey time) So it says the exact same run that I just completed to complete again. Does anyone know what's wrong?

Mr OC Benz
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Timetable - Trip not rolling over after completion
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