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 [TUT] How to prepare Addons for Addon-Manager.

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[TUT] How to prepare Addons for Addon-Manager. Empty
BeitragThema: [TUT] How to prepare Addons for Addon-Manager.   [TUT] How to prepare Addons for Addon-Manager. Icon_minitimeSo 29 Mai - 8:09

This is a short example how to make Addons compatible with OMSI Addon-Manager
As example files SimpleStreets is being used.

  1. How do I prepare Addons for Addon-Manager?
    Create a single folder for all of your addons. In this folder create the same structure as in Original OMSI folder (but only the ones your addon is being saved in.)
    e.g. Omsi path is:

    For SimpleStreets only subfolders Sceneryobjects/Addon_SimpleStreets and Splines/Addon_SimpleStreets are required.
    How to create a folder structure for the addon?
  2. Why do I need a special configuration file?
    You need a configuration file for Addon-Manager to recognize how to install or uninstall your addon.
  3. How do I create a configuration file?
    Open Notepad, it's a text file like most OMSI mod-files:

    • It starts with the most important:

      ID=[i]ID from developer access (Link at bottom of this post) of Addon-Manager[/i]
      Name=[i]Name of your project[/i]
    • Now you must set the Version of your addon.

      Resulting version is 1.2.3. If last cipher is 1 your project is marked as @ Beta.
    • Next command is displaying a text before installation.
      This has to be tickmarked.
    • You want to say something after installation? Use:
      This will show at last 10 seconds.
    • Tell Addon-Manager where to save Information on your addon.
    • Your addon should be configured in a way, that de-installation is possible.
      Use Parameter uninstall.

      WARNING! Only remove your own files. (So do not delete SimpleStreets!! Realy Important! Wink )
      These ware the most important parameters.

  • Why do I need AMS-Builder?
    AMS-Builder is to combine files from Mod-directory with configuration files and compress it.
    Start AMS-Builder.
    In first field enter path to prepared folder (e.g. C:\Meine OMSI Projekte\Addon_SimpleStreets\), in second field enter path to config-file (e.g:C:\Meine OMSI Projekte\Addon_SimpleStreets\konfiguration.txt).
    In third field tell where to save the releas-file e.g. (C:\Meine OMSI Projekte\Addon_SimpleStreets.ams)
  • May I upload it now?[b]
    Yes! Everything is prepared, you may upload your *.AMS-File. It can now be used. Now only listing in Addon-Manager is missing.
  • [b]How can i be listed in Addon-Manager?
    Register at @
    Click Add Project. Choose category for your Addon, and choose if it should be shown to public. Enter title and description. You may also add a path to an image. Add path for download and enter Version Number (no leading zero). Save!
    Now everyone may find your addon.
  • I made up a new Version!
    IMPORTANT: Did you enter the new version number in addon?

    • Nope.
      Okay, do it first. Now recreate the ams-file and upload it.
    • Yes, i entered the new version and recreated the ams-file.
      Time for developer area @ Choose project and enter the new version number.
      Et voilá! All user using addon-manager and your project will be informed about a update.

  • How often should i release a new Version?
    Not to often. Do not annoy the users each day with a new version. Possibly the stop upgrading yours and even deinstall it.
    IMHO it should be a minimum of 4 weeks time between two versions. (More time is better, but sometimes it requires a update for some mayor error, than use a shorter release time once.)
  • You missed somthing!?
    Yes possibly. Have a look at (DE) or in dev-acces @
  • Actually how does the file for SimpleStreets look like?
    Here the full file:

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    [TUT] How to prepare Addons for Addon-Manager.
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