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 DavidR Map Issues : Enquire Within

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Anmeldedatum : 11.12.10

DavidR Map Issues : Enquire Within Empty
BeitragThema: DavidR Map Issues : Enquire Within   DavidR Map Issues : Enquire Within Icon_minitimeDo 19 Mai - 13:28

As some of you are aware, there was on this forum a map creator called DavidR, who produced 4 fantastic maps.

David, along with many others including myself, have set a new camp up at


Please note that while you have to go over to that forum to get the maps, there may still be a few of you with issues regarding the maps.

Firstly, please visit the OMSI forum links above

If you do not wish to become a community member, or whatever other reason, then just PM me your question, I will forward this to DavidR and then bounce back an answer as quickly as possible.

My role on here from DavidR side is to announce his new maps which you get on the above links and help any existing members with queries. I am not here to start, or end arguements over them, merely the messenger since DavidR's departure

I am also, as you know, a keen on member on this forum as well, so don't think I am just here by force!

Anyway I hope that clears things up. DavidR is gone, PM your questions and you will get a reply, and of course join the new community to get extra help a lot quicker, and have regular updates!
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DavidR Map Issues : Enquire Within
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