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 Creating new spline roads

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Anmeldedatum : 18.02.11

Creating new spline roads Empty
BeitragThema: Creating new spline roads   Creating new spline roads Icon_minitimeDi 22 Feb - 14:23

Hi Everyone,

I would like to create a series of topics with you all and create some sort of wiki for creating things for OMSI. In this topic i hope we can discuss creating new spline roads. If you are a add-on builder you proberbly have read the SDK manuals on how to create new maps with the route editor. Ofcourse the game has some great build in roads, but if you want to create new ones.. like me... you can proberbly use some help.

So, the first hing, is there someone out there that know how to create a spline road?, i am trying to find out.. if i find something i will post it here. Hopefully we can create a guide and update the first post of this topic.
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Creating new spline roads
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