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 A Question about OMSI for Marcel.

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Anmeldedatum : 06.11.10

A Question about OMSI for Marcel. Empty
BeitragThema: A Question about OMSI for Marcel.   A Question about OMSI for Marcel. Icon_minitimeFr 18 Feb - 21:02

I am going to be buying OMSI and 2 of my friends are going to pay a third each of the cost of the game, so, I pay 10 euro's, and they each pay 10 euro's.

I see that the activations allowed are 3.

Does this mean, that If I continue with my transaction, that I can give my 2 friends the Cd key for them to install and activate on their PC's?

And if one of them has to format their Computer, will they be able to run OMSI still?

The Reason for asking this is, Myself and my 2 friends are Unemployed, so Paying 30 euro's each is a bit expensive for the unemployed and so there is a legitimate reason for asking this question.

So is this possible?

Can I buy OMSI and share my 3 activations between myself and my 2 friends who are putting their 1/3 towards the total cost of OMSI.

And will them installations remain activated if they format and reinstall OMSI?

Thank you.
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A Question about OMSI for Marcel.
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