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 Moges scenery files

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Anmeldedatum : 02.02.11

Moges scenery files Empty
BeitragThema: Moges scenery files   Moges scenery files Icon_minitimeSo 27 Nov - 20:01

Hi all,

This map is up for download but there's no indication of where to find the scenery objects. I've located a couple but there's hundreds missing.

Buildings_MC\cola.sco, moreopenclose.sco,
Rapisanie\busstop_pole_L_LargeName.sco\dom5.sco & multiple versions of those files

& much more, basically i'm looking for all the files necessary for this map.

Can i just add that it would be really nice if some developers would provide more information and all requisites needed for their maps. It's not fun on our part to have to search all over the internet for files that you have to sign up for to download.

Thanks. Smile
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Anmeldedatum : 17.10.11

Moges scenery files Empty
BeitragThema: Re: Moges scenery files   Moges scenery files Icon_minitimeDi 6 Dez - 23:15

dunno, i downloaded this map and the patch a few days ago, and everything works in it, no errors showing up.

have you tried downloading it again from a mirror? as could have lost a bit of data in your download? or even unzip it again, as sometimes stuff gets mangled,

i have the basic stuff you need for most maps, simple streets, roadworks (baustellen) signs etc, but i recently had to to a fresh install of omsi due to the volvo bus download screwing things up, and moges map was the first i put on before i added others, and i got no errors showing.
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Moges scenery files
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