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 Script for toggle switches (real ones)

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Anmeldedatum : 17.10.11

Script for toggle switches (real ones) Empty
BeitragThema: Script for toggle switches (real ones)   Script for toggle switches (real ones) Icon_minitimeSo 30 Okt - 18:22

Firstly, appologies for posting in english in the german part of the forum, but i hope the people in here know more than the english ones do.

I'm building a driving desk for trains and buses,

Script for toggle switches (real ones) Omsi_d10

And it has some toggle type switches on the button board :

Script for toggle switches (real ones) Omsi_b10
(sorry for the crappy phone pictures)

i've seen a while ago someone was making a steering wheel with indicator stalk, and needed to modify the scripts to allow the indicators to activate only when a switch was on, they turn off when that switch is off,

I want to do something similar with the side/dip headlights, wipers, main power switch and the bus stop brake buttons, and maybe others later on, i.e. i turn one of the turn switches for say wipers, the wipers operate as long as that switch is in the on position, i turn it to off, the wipers turn off,

the code mentioned for the just the left indicator mod was :

{Trigger: blinker_left_button}
(LLlights_sw_blinker) 1 = ! (LLlights_sw_blinker) 1 =!
{if} {If}
(TLev_lights_blinker_swon) (TLev_lights_blinker_swon)
{endif} {Endif}
1 (SLlights_sw_blinker) 1 (SLlights_sw_blinker)
(MLlights_startblinkgeber) (MLlights_startblinkgeber)
{end} {End}

{trigger:blinker_left_button_off} {Trigger: blinker_left_button_off}
(LLlights_sw_blinker) 0 > (LLlights_sw_blinker) 0>
{if} {If}
(TLev_lights_blinker_swoff) (TLev_lights_blinker_swoff)
0 (SLlights_sw_blinker) 0 (SLlights_sw_blinker)
{endif} {Endif}
{end} {End}

The bloke said it worked, and tried to do similar for the bus stop brake, but it seemed he couldent get that to work, and then nothing more was posted.

I know i have to change the scripts for all vehicles i want to drive with my switch panel, but for starters lets say i work on the scripts for the man D92?
Could anyone give me some help to what to change and where please.

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Script for toggle switches (real ones)
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