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 Editing Textures

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BeitragThema: Editing Textures   Editing Textures Icon_minitimeMo 12 Sep - 22:20


I have attempted to 'reskin' the OMSI bus stop, to create a 'British Style' bus stop flag, for use in my Scunthorpe Map, however, I have reached a stumbling block. The textures on one side of the sign are perfect, the textures on the other side, are not so, as the 'bus stop' logo & writing is reversed. Does anybody have a solution to this?

Thanks In Advance...

Editing Textures Bussto10
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BeitragThema: Re: Editing Textures   Editing Textures Icon_minitimeMo 12 Sep - 22:52

The object is textured like that, you can not do anything. Except make another 3D model.
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Editing Textures
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