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 My Suggestions

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BeitragThema: My Suggestions   My Suggestions Icon_minitimeFr 29 Jul - 20:22

These are my ideas like Buses, Maps etc


-Volvo B6BLE
-Volvo B7TL
-Volvo B7L


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BeitragThema: Re: My Suggestions   My Suggestions Icon_minitimeSa 30 Jul - 9:37

Please note that we don't like requests for busses and maps here in the forums Wink

The reason is quite simple: Nobody will start building a map / a bus becaue of your wish, because either someone already started a project with his own ideas or he is not able to do it. At least that's the way it happened in the past.

So please understand that I will close this topic, wait for the desired add-ons to be released or try it yourself (in this case "good luck!").
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My Suggestions
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