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 Creating a timetable?

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Creating a timetable? Empty
BeitragThema: Creating a timetable?   Creating a timetable? Icon_minitimeDi 26 Jul - 13:47


I would really like some help. I have made a map, and placed all bus stops and terminus (it is a circle route so only 1 terminus).

I have followed the SDK manual but cannot understand how to make the timetable.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you.
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Creating a timetable? Empty
BeitragThema: Re: Creating a timetable?   Creating a timetable? Icon_minitimeMo 1 Aug - 14:52

Have you made a bus line in editor?
If not, click on Tracks&routes tab, i think it's called something like that.
Then one by one assign parts of splines where the bus route will be.
After you get direction A and direction B then add bus stops to their spline parts along the way.

Then in the same tab click on Edit profiles, make new named standard, you can either edit your own times between bus stops or leave assigned ones.
Close that window and in same tab click Edit timetable, create a new line, create a new tour named whatever you like, and edit starting times using profiles you created before.
Hope this helps you.
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Creating a timetable?
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