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 Question about AI buses

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Question about AI buses Empty
BeitragThema: Question about AI buses   Question about AI buses Icon_minitimeSo 17 Jul - 17:44

How does AI buses work
Are OMSI set that certain AI bus models travell on certain Lines?

Or is this Random ?

For example in The MAP Berlin (The one with Lot of Bus routes)
Busline 100 is Always travelled by Same bus.

Since i have some reptaints installed AI buses on Line 100 is always (and i mean always) travelled by Arriva Red bus.
I do see some variation on other lines so not sure if it is random.

Is there a way to make only the buses you want Travell as AI buses on certain lines?
or is this controlled randomly by the game?
The game pick what bus it choose to travell on that line...
Just found it strange than on line 100 always travell same bus

If someone that has been playing BERLIN map could write down what AI buses normally travell on this and that line

For example I already know Busline 100 travelled by SD92 Arriva red repaint
Then another Line is probaly travelled often By SD77, SD80 etc...

Also is there Some Easy Repaint Mod that can remplace all the Yellow buses by some cool repaint colors.
I have separate repaint colors but want to remplace easy most of the yellow default buses

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Question about AI buses Empty
BeitragThema: Re: Question about AI buses   Question about AI buses Icon_minitimeSo 17 Jul - 18:18


they are programmed by a script to spawn on certain routes and do certain routes UNLESS a player either selects the bus and do the route OR if you spawn your own bus and take over a schedule

sorry i cannot be of more assistance

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Question about AI buses
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