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 Some News ??

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Anmeldedatum : 09.03.11

Some News ?? Empty
BeitragThema: Some News ??   Some News ?? Icon_minitimeFr 10 Jun - 19:41

Making the topic cause i would like to know :

1) When we gona get some game updates from game creators.
2) Would be nice to get some info on main page,last news is like 3 months old.
3) Some graphic updates of OMSI and more cores use would be nice 2.
4) Give some info about SDK to ppl,so we can know how much is done and how much u still need to do.

Come on,i know u guys prolly busy but i really would like to see some improvements in the game.
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Anmeldedatum : 09.02.10
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Ort : Koblenz

Some News ?? Empty
BeitragThema: Re: Some News ??   Some News ?? Icon_minitimeFr 10 Jun - 20:24

1) Can't tell anything about that.
2) A new website update is planned when they have the time to do it.
3) The changes you mentioned need a lot of time, see 1).
4) Don't know about that.
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Anmeldedatum : 02.02.11

Some News ?? Empty
BeitragThema: Re: Some News ??   Some News ?? Icon_minitimeSo 12 Jun - 22:45

Patience is a virtue.

Im happy and content with the user routes, Tropical City is fantastic, very tricky
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BeitragThema: Re: Some News ??   Some News ?? Icon_minitime

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Some News ??
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