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 Route Creation Question

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BeitragThema: Route Creation Question   Route Creation Question Icon_minitimeDo 28 Apr - 15:06

Hi Everyone,
I've just recently started fiddling around with the editor and thought I'd have a go at building my own map, but it's in the UK! Because of this would I have to make the route as it is and drive it left hand drive, or would it be best to mirror the whole route and make left turns right hand turns and so on so it would be the opposite way so we can drive it with LHD vehicles? Which would be best?
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Marcel Kuhnt
Marcel Kuhnt

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BeitragThema: Re: Route Creation Question   Route Creation Question Icon_minitimeFr 6 Mai - 17:07

OMSI does not support left handed traffic - so the first problem would be that we have to include this feature... but since we do not know how we will include this feature in detail, I cannot tell you how you now could create your map...! Neutral
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Route Creation Question
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