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 What about an SL202?

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What about an SL202? Empty
BeitragThema: What about an SL202?   What about an SL202? Icon_minitimeFr 18 Nov - 23:24


firstly I'm sorry for the deceptive topic name.
Unfortunately I have no clue how to create a new bus, but maybe I can give you guys an idea. What about making a MAN SL202?
For those who are experts in vehicle construction, I don't think it should take a lot of time for them. You just have the "cut" the second deck
of the original SD202-D92 and there we go. Of course there have to be some minor refinements done in the inside, like removing the steps and putting seats instead, and edit the data of the bus by lowering it's center of gravity.The other parts like engine or sounds could remain the same.
My idea is for sure off topic and I know that there are no bus requests, I just hoped I could give an inspiration for enthusiastic bus constructors
who have some free time and feel like making an SL202.
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BeitragThema: Re: What about an SL202?   What about an SL202? Icon_minitimeSa 19 Nov - 13:53

I would like to learn myself,

I think it's a case of getting something a lot more straightforward than Blender, it's interface is the worst i've seen for a program, Photoshop is a lot easier to learn imo. 3DS max 2012 is great as if you want to draw a line, you can do so, if you want to create a sphere you can do so.

I would start with the front, as i signed up to a blender forum to ask stupid questions to get a basic idea of getting started. I don't like starting off basic i like to start with something difficult and then learn the hard way.

All the best with it but i think signing up to a design forum like the blender forum is better with questions like these, and posting your progression there then when you've got it near complete to go in the game post it up on this forum. Cool
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What about an SL202?
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