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 My favorite Bus Request

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My favorite Bus Request Empty
BeitragThema: My favorite Bus Request   My favorite Bus Request Icon_minitimeMo 14 Nov - 22:21

I know it take time to create a bus for omsi
But I realy want to put out my wish

Are someone willing to make a quality bus for me in omsi.

I be willing to pay (by paypal)

My favorite bus is this Scania bus
The model is Cr112 from 1982 which also was used in CN112 Type1 (1984) not until Cn112 typeII 1985 was the design changed.

The bus is special to me since childhood i found this bus to be different than other buses from others like Mercedes and volvo.
Scania has changed a lot since then but the old 80s is from scania is the best

My favorite Bus Request 32WEf
My favorite Bus Request X2vYI

As for color something like Blue,Red etc...

BTW here is exactly the bus i travelled with in my childhood
They had only 2 Scanias
this is in fact a mix between CN112 and CR112 i think it was a CN112 build on a CR112 or something....
but it realy look like a CR112
My favorite Bus Request QbFxI

You probaly ask OK so whats different between CR112 and CN112

This is CR112 from 1982
My favorite Bus Request COvB6
The window are more round and the blinking light are placed higher than the lights...look more like a flat front...rather cool
This version was also used in the first produced CN112 (to remplace CR112) the CN112 Type I from 1984
in fact the photo here show the CN112 Type I as it look very much alike CR112

Now CN112 Type II 1985:
My favorite Bus Request Qc4WT
Se how the window is not so rounded and the front lights are placed on par with the lights
and there is stripes on the front..
Not so pretty as CR112/CN112 Type I which i prefer better

My favorite Bus Request Uq9zG
(The one on the left has similar design as CR112 cause CN112 did not change design until Type II in 1985, prefer the left)

Actualy I have made repaints for this bus for Vbus and there is 2 buses also converted to CBSgame
I have photos of the interior and have some videos of the sound of the bus.

This bus is most known in North Europe and as of today probaly travell more in eastern Europe as its getting older.

Something curious with this bus i remember it from childhood is it was very silent
but over the years because of lack of parts for maintance has become more noisy

Here some videos inside bus



Bus in for cleaning

I think this version is the CN112 Type I 1984

As for doors there are many version
some has one single door front, middle,back....
others double doors in front and single doors in middle and back etc...

My favorite combination is double door in front and double door in middle

Ok Here i put my Wish
maybe someone would like to try make this bus

I have no acess to this bus realtime here so all is just photos... i can send the Vbus files or the CBS files
have different repaint

and realy there is no hurry as much i would desire to have it soon i prefer having a bus that is excelent made

Oh and have a nice day , i hope is okey i put out my wish.

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Alter : 25
Ort : Trondheim, Norway

My favorite Bus Request Empty
BeitragThema: Re: My favorite Bus Request   My favorite Bus Request Icon_minitimeDi 15 Nov - 6:42

Cool, I would love to also have this bus in OMSI since the first picture is from my city Very Happy Very cool buses but they are out of service Sad

But can I ask where are you from ?
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Anmeldedatum : 27.02.11
Ort : Offenbach

My favorite Bus Request Empty
BeitragThema: Re: My favorite Bus Request   My favorite Bus Request Icon_minitimeDi 15 Nov - 6:51

No requests for Busses or Modells on this Forum.

My favorite Bus Request Geschlosse
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My favorite Bus Request Empty
BeitragThema: Re: My favorite Bus Request   My favorite Bus Request Icon_minitime

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My favorite Bus Request
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