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 Changing scripts

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Anmeldedatum : 17.10.11

Changing scripts Empty
BeitragThema: Changing scripts   Changing scripts Icon_minitimeFr 28 Okt - 6:18

I'm new to omsi, had it a week or so now, built a bit of hardware for it so i'm effo hooked (a switch panel to operate doors, lights, wipers, engine start and stop etc, a trucks handbrake top half with microswitches where the air valves used to be, and just got a 900 degree steeringwheel, mounted so the wheel is horizontal by cutting 2 small holes in the desk for the clamps to go through, then took the wheel off and put it back on 180 degrees so it points the right way and buttons are in the right places)

My switch panel has a few rotary switches on it, i have 3 that are just on/off switches, i.e. rotate it to the right, it stays there and keeps that button pressed till you rotate the switch to the left, and one that's 3 way, i.e. centre is off, left or right operates a button and stays on till you put the switch back to the middle,

i use them for the main battery switch, wipers, bus stop brake and the 3 way for side lights / head lights.

i know i can spend 50 quid and get a u-hid input board from ultimarc, that can be programmed to take toggle switch inputs and give out a pulse each time the physical switch changes state, (it can also output to led's so a replica dash can be made with working warning lights)

but i can't afford that just yet, so looking to do what i need in the scripts of the buses,

apparantly it can be done, i found in the german parts of the forum back in may someone was talking to Rudi about his VW transporter steering wheel and indicator stalk he uses, where he wanted to get rid of the auto cancel part of the indicators, and make them only operate as long as the indicator stalks switch was operated,

the code he needed to change was this ...

{Trigger: blinker_left_button}
(LLlights_sw_blinker) 1 = ! (LLlights_sw_blinker) 1 =!
{if} {If}
(TLev_lights_blinker_swon) (TLev_lights_blinker_swon)
{endif} {Endif}
1 (SLlights_sw_blinker) 1 (SLlights_sw_blinker)
(MLlights_startblinkgeber) (MLlights_startblinkgeber)
{end} {End}

{trigger:blinker_left_button_off} {Trigger: blinker_left_button_off}
(LLlights_sw_blinker) 0 > (LLlights_sw_blinker) 0>
{if} {If}
(TLev_lights_blinker_swoff) (TLev_lights_blinker_swoff)
0 (SLlights_sw_blinker) 0 (SLlights_sw_blinker)
{endif} {Endif}
{end} {End}

that's just for the left indicator, same for the right, and change a bit of other code for the auto cancel thing,

That code is found in each bus's script file, but havent got an indicator stalk yet, tho i am planning on getting one and mounting it onto the driving force GT wheel i just got,

but for now i want to do something similar to that script for the battery switch, wiper switch and side and headlight switch, oh and the bus stop brake switch too,

anyone able to give me some help to where i need to look in the bus scripts for those bits of code, and what i need to change? that code above is double dutch to me, tho i can figure a little of it out, but looking for the other bits on the scripts when half of it's in german and half english isnt going to be easy,
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Changing scripts
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