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 FBW + Rollblinds?

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FBW + Rollblinds? Empty
BeitragThema: FBW + Rollblinds?   FBW + Rollblinds? Icon_minitimeFr 7 Okt - 14:26

Its been bugging me for a while now about the FBW is its destination display of 3 lines of plain text. Personally I'd prefer to look like the LiAZ destination display, which is just one line of text instead of a mash of three lines. But then it came to mind, why doesn't this bus actually use the rollblinds like the ACTUAL bus does? Is it possible at this point to convert the FBW to using Rollblinds or even to that of the LiAZ style of destination display?

I would be happy if I could have it look like this display: link here either be it text or the MAN's rollblinds.

Anyone got any ideas on this?
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FBW + Rollblinds? Empty
BeitragThema: Re: FBW + Rollblinds?   FBW + Rollblinds? Icon_minitimeFr 7 Okt - 19:30

It's not a bad idea. Actually, I saw some images from the FBW buses and I know that the first one should be something like "special" or something... the rest, it's not bad for being just like the SD200's.

Also, I'm really, really sorry to say this, but this is the wrong section to post this, but yes at the "Wishes and Suggestions", so please don't think badly on me just that I said this, OK? Wink
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FBW + Rollblinds?
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