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 Map error - someone can help?

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Anmeldedatum : 09.05.11
Alter : 29
Ort : Varna

Map error - someone can help? Empty
BeitragThema: Map error - someone can help?   Map error - someone can help? Icon_minitimeFr 7 Okt - 13:55

I'm making a map of the city where I am living and I am having a little problem.While I was working on the map two days ago, I saved it and on the next day, when I tryed to open it, it said that the memory is low - Zu wenig Arbeitsspeicher.My question is, can this be fixed or I just have to delete the map and stop working?I am almost finish the map(in roads only) and it will be very disappointing if I have to delete it...The city where I live isn't very small.So, if someone can help me, without the version of stopping the work, please post in this topic.And I really hope, somebody, who is familiar with the game editor to help me.
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Map error - someone can help?
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