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 HK South V1.4

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Anmeldedatum : 02.02.11

HK South V1.4 Empty
BeitragThema: HK South V1.4   HK South V1.4 Icon_minitimeDo 6 Okt - 23:20

I found this map looking for V1.3, fantastic map, still in production i presume, but the journey from Aberdeen to Stanley is fantastic. There are loads of routes to choose from, i recommend the 7A as a starting point, some timetables only work according to time of year, summer holidays on the 399 Wink

Very realistic, feels like the actual 73 of modern times, i think it's based on the old CMB network, cant find the repaint for the CMB decals though! still the rollblinds are interesting Wink

Do check it out.

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HK South V1.4
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