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 Improving Speed and FPS

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Improving Speed and FPS Empty
BeitragThema: Improving Speed and FPS   Improving Speed and FPS Icon_minitimeFr 29 Jul - 10:19

Under windows 7 - 64bit i find that OMSI runs better if you use compatibility mode for Windows Vista and disable Visual effects in particular windows Aero.

Im going to try also if setting processor affinity (the ability to give 1 of your CPU cores to a .exe program) will have good or bad effects Surprised

For the record I can get Grundorf to touch 100 FPS on external camera with certain settings but it wont stay there, dropping to 50fps external and 30fps internal driving the Merc 0405N2

My setup which should be beaten by all of you with an average Core i3 and especially Core i5 / i7

AMD Athlon 6400+ Black Ed (Stock 3.2Ghz)
Asus M2N SLi Deluxe
3GB DDR 667 (PC5400)
500GB Western Digital SATA2
ATI Radeon X1650 pro (512mb)
750W PSU
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Improving Speed and FPS Empty
BeitragThema: Re: Improving Speed and FPS   Improving Speed and FPS Icon_minitimeFr 29 Jul - 14:27


Will try that on mine, which is closely related to yours...

Asus M3N-HT Deluxe/Mem-pipe
AMD Phenom 9950
4gb ddr3 (2x2) 1066mHz
XFX GTS 250 512mb ddr3
couple of hard drives ... lol
windows 7 ultimate x64


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Improving Speed and FPS
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