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 Most simple 5 min guide to painting over windows Vid + text

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Most simple 5 min guide to painting over windows Vid + text Empty
BeitragThema: Most simple 5 min guide to painting over windows Vid + text   Most simple 5 min guide to painting over windows Vid + text Icon_minitimeSo 24 Jul - 20:57

It took me ages sifting between german, polish and some other languages I do not know to find out how to do this. So for those that do not know read the tut as you watch the video and it will all make sense in about 5 minutes affraid

This is a quick tutorial on painting over windows of busses.

Few things you need first:
Download the template package located at bottom of post. These have already been modified to have the windows painted over. Also all other textures are removed so choose what you want to use and copy it into your templates folder inside omsi

Then you will need Paint .Net (photoshop does not sasve the correct formats and screws everything up)

Now you have everything we can start.

I have already taken the d92_01 and d90_02 templates and placed them in a new dir. rename both files to:
D92_01_YOUR BUS NAME.bmp and D90_02_YOUR BUS NAME.bmp

Now open D92_01 in P .Net
Now import another picture you would like to paint on the windows.

Now save the file. (If you use photoshop you will need to open the image again in windows paint and just save it. This puts it into the correct bmp format for the repaint tool)

Now create a new layer and mark with your rectangle tool where your image is. On the new layer flood fill the rectangle with grey (#404040)

Create another layer and do the same for the other side of the bus.

Now sitch off the very bottom layer (should be the bus main file)

Take one of the grey layers and select the grey block. Now apply a gausian blur of 132 to 200. Do the same for the other grey layer.

In photoshop select "save as" and choose "TGA"..... THE FILE NAME MUST BE...... D92_tr_YOUR BUS NAME.tga
If you do not change the 01 to tr it will not work.

Now use the repaint tool and create your two dds files.

Now create a .cti file with thte following in it:





Just change the file names yo your one.

Copy the 2 x dds 1 x tga 1 x cti to your "Werbung_D92" directory in the man 202 dir.

Start omsi and enjoy.

Video tut silent but just quickly shows how to do it.
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Most simple 5 min guide to painting over windows Vid + text
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