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 My OMSI Wishes.

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Anmeldedatum : 17.07.11
Alter : 31
Ort : Bushey, England

My OMSI Wishes. Empty
BeitragThema: My OMSI Wishes.   My OMSI Wishes. Icon_minitimeMo 18 Jul - 15:46

My OMSI Wishes:
The Expansion of the map.
The routes I would like on the current map but added are:
and 97 which are all the routes in the Google Earth plug-in.
Keep the current MAN SD200-202 buses for this and just add the photo realistic route like you did with the 92 route and That would probably give me 5000 lifetimes of playing this and never get bored. Not saying I am with the 92 line route. But it would just be very good.

A single Decker Bus.

An Articulated bus. (I know currently they are not possible but these are [b]MY[/b] wishes!)
A map created for several countries (Preferably the Capitals.). If Possible.
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My OMSI Wishes.
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