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 Background Sounds

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Would you use background sounds for your maps?
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BeitragThema: Background Sounds   Background Sounds Icon_minitimeFr 17 Jun - 19:39

Recently I found a lot of the places and such that I've been working on for my personal maps sounded rather dead like beyond the sound of nearby or distant traffic.

It seems sad that we don't have any way of making birds chirp near the parks or chatter of the big busy areas of the city, so I set out to try and change this and from my own personal tests it seems much more realistic to hear these backgrounds sounds over the dead air currently.

So far I've made sounds for Nature/Park areas, City areas and Water/Lakeside areas. The sounds are just plain mixes of birds and animals, the city is a collection of people walking and talking and the water you just hear water crashing and splashing about.

So my question, and likely the WHOLE point of this topic, is would anyone beyond me want to have something like this for their own maps?
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Background Sounds
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