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 Create new Repaint file and Colorscheme

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Create new Repaint file and Colorscheme Empty
BeitragThema: Create new Repaint file and Colorscheme   Create new Repaint file and Colorscheme Icon_minitimeSa 4 Jun - 12:17

Hi all,

I would like to add the possibility of changing some textures on the bus I converting now.

First I added the Colorscheme declaration to the .cfg file:

So textures (ads / Werbungen) will be placed in the subfolder of Texture (and its following subfolders)

Only one file can be changed at the moment: 569m4.bmp

I added a cti file which describes a subfolder and a modifiedl texture file.

Now it works, but the changed parts are white. Maybe I need a .dds file instead of .bmp

OK, let's create a .rpc so using repaint tool, we can convert the .bmp to .dds

I created a simular folder structure in repaints omsi folder to MAN SD200.

So I have an Ikarus200\templates folder. Here is a _BS and a _MA file. Must I add add-, alpha- and multiply templates too?

I attach Ikarus260_06_m4.rpc :



Ikarus 260_06-Repaint Set


Referenzwert: 170

Entscheidend sind die ersten fünf Zeilen:

die Basic-, Alpha-, Mask-, Add- und Multiply-Template-Bitmap

Alles, was danach kommt, wird ignoriert und kann für Kommentare genutzt werden.

Now I'm happy, let's create my .dds file with RepaintTool.

I select the rpc, then the bitmap, confirm that I really want to create .dds

But there is no result: I can't find any new .dds

What can be the problem?

If it make sense, I may attach the mentioned files. (bitmaps and rpc are relevant)
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Create new Repaint file and Colorscheme
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