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 Can't open the map

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Anmeldedatum : 15.05.11

Can't open the map Empty
BeitragThema: Can't open the map   Can't open the map Icon_minitimeSo 15 Mai - 4:34

I'm so sorry for my poorer English.

I've a problem while I open my map in Editor and the Game.
Yesterday when I'm expanding the map, my computer suddenly reboot and I can't open my map just like the following image.

Can't open the map 20110514_42f867997ec39e4d2748cLpsEuW6wMVC

What can I do in this situation, I don't want to give up this map because it is a big map and I used many time to create it......

Please help......

Some image which are the suburbs.
Can't open the map 20110515_c748841cca542b3073befjZQQVhYHd0w
^Marx Bahnhofsnahe Busses
Can't open the map 20110515_7fdb85f226d52996c8ebzk876npOESIB
^Daitungdorf Weg
Can't open the map 20110515_ed01d96cf39917f7777d0T2XkF9AvCHx
Can't open the map 20110515_25eccb8e6bc951d9ee49Voze6bPghoA5
^Daitungdorf Weg panoramic view
Can't open the map 20110515_113025ad781478acfb2dHXQqDJRJHUtn
^Kutungdorf, and the Highway to Airport
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Can't open the map
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