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 Ticket sell

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Anmeldedatum : 12.03.11

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BeitragThema: Ticket sell   Ticket sell Icon_minitimeSa 7 Mai - 10:54

I re-write min. and max. age for last two tickets on the same as on other tickets, but people don't want buy it. It's possible that people will buy more than three kinds of tickets?
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Anmeldedatum : 10.01.11

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BeitragThema: Re: Ticket sell   Ticket sell Icon_minitimeSa 7 Mai - 16:13

Usually people only know three differnet kinds of tickets:

Short range ticket

Children are not integrated yet, so the two other tickets (kids short range and kids normal) can not be selled at the moment.
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Anmeldedatum : 07.03.11

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BeitragThema: Re: Ticket sell   Ticket sell Icon_minitimeSo 15 Mai - 13:15

I attempted to set up the 2 child tickets, as Adult tickets, to give more variety, but was unsuccessful.

I was going to create 3 Single tickets for different distances, e.g 1.50 / 2.30 / 3.00 depending on distance travelled, A Day ticket, and a 7 day pass.

From what I have picked up, the age min and max values have all been set up as 0 - 200. You also need a sound file in the voices folders for each ticket, otherwise the passengers cant 'ask' for the ticket.

Despite this, I still cannot get the passengers to buy the new tickets. I suspect there is some sort of script somewhere that governs which tickets the passengers buy, but I find anything, so Im hoping it will be covered in the SDK when it is released...
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Anmeldedatum : 11.03.11

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BeitragThema: Re: Ticket sell   Ticket sell Icon_minitimeSo 15 Mai - 13:20

Yeah my question I was gonna ask is answered now Very Happy Yeah,we need kids ingame! It looks to be easy to done, dont worry, we won't intentionally driveby them Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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BeitragThema: Re: Ticket sell   Ticket sell Icon_minitime

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Ticket sell
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