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 A couple of BVG signs - questions as well

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A couple of BVG signs - questions as well Empty
BeitragThema: A couple of BVG signs - questions as well   A couple of BVG signs - questions as well Icon_minitimeMo 2 Mai - 16:41


I've decided to make an attempt at creating 3D objects. I decided to go easily and start with some bus stop poles. I intent on creating some of the most popular bus stop poles usend in Europe and possibly America, if time and sources are available.

I just started making a simple BVG current bus stop pole but came up with a couple of questions I want to ask.

For BVG...
1. What is the heigth and diameter of the pole? (I thought that h=2.0m and d=0.1m would be good - anything to adjust?)
2. What is the span, arc and heigth of the (H) sign?
3. What is the height of the route-and-direction plates mounted on the poles?
And, if anybody is willing, would they be nice enough and provide some texture-quality photos? Can be from anywhere, but as long as there are no people in the way and the shot is relatively straight. I'd also be glad for a shot of a blank route-and-direction sign as well as these will be most likely needed (no-one needs a (BUS) 100 [U](S) Zoologischer Garten plate sticking behind a (M) M37 Staaken, Reimerweg, does anyone?)

Willing a quick reply,
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A couple of BVG signs - questions as well
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