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 A Curious Sight (BVG 3957)

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BeitragThema: A Curious Sight (BVG 3957)   A Curious Sight (BVG 3957) Icon_minitimeDi 19 Apr - 14:18

Hello everyone.

Well, I was walking home today, and I stumbled across something I wasn't expecting to see.
A MAN SD202 - D92, that was imported from Germany directly from the BVG. Smile

Now, that bus has been parked for quite some time near my house, but every time I tried to take a photo of it there was always too much traffic, or too many people around it, or it wasn't even there. So today, I got lucky and grabbed a couple of pics with my 1000-year old cellphone. The pictures are crappy and they're blurry, so sorry about that. Razz

I'd also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Marcel and Rudiger for the awesome work they did in recreating all of the buses in OMSI. I giggled like a little girl when I looked inside and saw the 20h-switch and the bigger stop warning light. The IBIS computer and the ticket machine are gone, but I couldn't believe how close the OMSI D92 looked to the real D92. Very Happy

I couldn't take any pictures of the interior, not only because there are now decals over the windows, but also because there were too many people (not to mention a Police station nearby Razz) for me to open the doors and step inside.

Again, sorry for the crappy quality of the photos.

A Curious Sight (BVG 3957) 3957_2
A Curious Sight (BVG 3957) 3957_3
A Curious Sight (BVG 3957) 3957_1
A Curious Sight (BVG 3957) 3957_4
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BeitragThema: Re: A Curious Sight (BVG 3957)   A Curious Sight (BVG 3957) Icon_minitimeDi 19 Apr - 14:34

It must have been a shocking and nice surprise !

I'd to love to see one of OMSI buses to take a look inside and feel - as you said - like a little girl during comparing real bus with virtual one ! Very Happy

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A Curious Sight (BVG 3957)
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