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 Pilzdorf v1.1 Destination Displays

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Anzahl der Beiträge : 317
Anmeldedatum : 16.04.10
Ort : South Wales, UK

Pilzdorf v1.1 Destination Displays Empty
BeitragThema: Pilzdorf v1.1 Destination Displays   Pilzdorf v1.1 Destination Displays Icon_minitimeDo 17 März - 16:27

Zitat :
by ediblechickenwing

This is a set of updated depot files and rollbands for the Pilzdorf v1.1 map in OMSI by Wizard.

Installation Instructions

Extract the "Vehicles" folder contained in this package to your OMSI directory, e.g. "C:\m-r-software\Omsi". If prompted to overwrite existing files, click "Yes".

Additional Notes

Changing the destination matrix/rollband to "Blanko" or "Schulbus" will no longer make your passengers exit; therefore only "Betriebsfahrt" will do so. I did this to make it more realistic; a blank display does not always mean the bus is not in service.

If you wish to edit and/or re-release/re-upload any files contained within this package, please state the original author as "ediblechickenwing" on your download site and/or a text file within the new release.

If you have any problems using or installing this package, please consult the official OMSI forum @

Thanks for downloading, enjoy!

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Pilzdorf v1.1 Destination Displays
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