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 Giving Up!

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Giving Up! Empty
BeitragThema: Giving Up!   Giving Up! Icon_minitimeSa 12 März - 23:11

Oh well,

Having SUCESSFULLY managed to create a FULLY operational Line on the spandau map as I had been trying to do for the past week. I though AT LAST, it's all working perfectly now. Very Happy

THEN, for no reason whatsoever, the next time i started OMSI, the loading screen got as far as the "Loading Textures" then crashed and a random error popped up.Evil or Very Mad

I removed and re-installed OMSI, and re-created the line I had made, I checked and double checked that I had done everything EXACTLY as before, and again, the error pops up at the same point while loading OMSI.Mad

So, it looks like my OMSI will only work if i DONT create any new lines and DONT create a new route..................Basicly, due to a FAULT WITH THE GAME that wont actually let me load anything I've created, the game has now renderd itself useless and pointless because driving around the 92/92E/13N route does become boring after a while. Rolling Eyes

OMSI has now been UN-INSTALLED PERMANANTLY until the devs pull the finger out and start sorting these bugs! Evil or Very Mad

I apologize if that sounds rude/harsh/unpleasant, but after spending the best part of 2 hours creating a new line only for it to work PERFECTLY one minuite and then cause OMSI to fail the may understand that I'm a bit pissed off!

Thanks and apologies once again! Wink
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Rüdiger Hülsmann
Rüdiger Hülsmann

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BeitragThema: Re: Giving Up!   Giving Up! Icon_minitimeSo 13 März - 0:06

It's easy to point your finger...but as we have said I don't know how many times, these errors have NEVER shown on ANY of our many testing machines so we seriously don't know what's going on there. And as long the errors can't be reproduced on our testing systems, they can hardly be sorted out Sad
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Giving Up!
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