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 URGENT: Open Day 13th March – Aston Manor Road Transport Museum

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Anmeldedatum : 12.03.11

URGENT: Open Day 13th March – Aston Manor Road Transport Museum Empty
BeitragThema: URGENT: Open Day 13th March – Aston Manor Road Transport Museum   URGENT: Open Day 13th March – Aston Manor Road Transport Museum Icon_minitimeSa 12 März - 8:16

Dear users,

As you may or may not be aware, the Aston Manor Road Transport Museum in Birmingham is seriously threatened by immediate closure, if we cannot come up with a considerable amount of donations or even pledges until March 21st, which is in just a little more than a week. Things aren’t going particularly well so far, so as a last resort to save our museum we are organising an Open Event this Sunday, on the 13th of March 2011, with the aim of raising as much money as we possibly can.

  • Our Museum houses a large collection of mainly operable buses but also a few other public service vehicles like milk vans or fire engines. Most of the buses and other vehicles are lovingly restored by our volunteers.
  • It is located in a beautiful original old Birmingham Tram depot.
  • It has a rather large parking area attached where events can be held.
  • It has a Museum Shop, as well as a Café.

The event on Sunday will be taking place at our Museum, but will also involve buses driven around the area.
The open day will be from 11 AM to 5 PM (11:00-17:00).

  • Please attend the event if you possibly can! The less people visit, the less money will be raised for the good cause of saving our museum, which will result in closure.

    We really do not want this to be the last time our beautifully restored buses circulate around the streets of Birmingham. We really do not want the historic building which is an ancient tramway depot to fall into decay! But we need your help!

    Even if you cannot attend:
  • Please visit our homepage at for any information!
  • Please visit, read and spread particularly this page!
  • Please click the Facebook “Like!” buttons on our homepage!
  • Please spread the word (friends, family, people interested in public transport), by person, but also online! Every single forums or FaceBook post is appreciated!
  • Please consider making a generous donation or pledge on-site or even on our webpage!

208-216 Witton Ln
Birmingham, West Midlands B6 6QE, United Kingdom
0121 322 2298

How to reach us:

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Unfortunately, really everything now depends from the outgoing of this open day. The more visitors are coming, and the more they donate, the more likely it is that our Museum will survive. Please help us in any way you can and if it is possible, come round to us on Sunday and see for yourself that our Museum is really worth preserving!

Best wishes, and thank you in advance,
Aston Manor Road Transport Museum
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URGENT: Open Day 13th March – Aston Manor Road Transport Museum
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