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Anmeldedatum : 08.11.11

BeitragThema: I HAVE MANY PROBLEMS! Help   Di 8 Nov - 14:06

In English:

I have a big problem. When I open the game comes these problems:
- Cars will be visible from far away just to be normal, but when they come nigh, the entire outer skin turns white or off completely, leaving the lights and license plate
- Buses will be running normally from the inside, but when you change the angle of exit, their coach and the outer shell disappears completely from the outside can see inside
- If I put the rainy weather, and I am going to drive a bus, it starts to jumping
- When I download the game the other buses to the game, then comes an error and when I open the game again so all the roads, houses and vehicles have been lost and I get installing again the game
- And 92 map doesn't working

Thank you if you know how to help, I have also turned to the Google translator, so it is bad.
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