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 Performance tweaks, and updates

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Anmeldedatum : 23.02.11

BeitragThema: Performance tweaks, and updates   Di 4 Okt - 23:26

Hi guys,

I've bought the game almost half a year ago, and I'm very sad and disappointed that it runs crappy on my machine even if I lower the amount of objects and tweak the settings. I know that the developers are working hard to finish their degrees but come on: this is a commercial software which I paid for, and it's ridiculous that even on a machine with Intel Core i5 processor the game runs as slow as hell. I don't ask for articulated buses, map extensions, new features just to review their update schedule and make use of multicore processors and high-end graphics cards.
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Anmeldedatum : 21.02.11
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BeitragThema: Re: Performance tweaks, and updates   Mi 5 Okt - 7:38

Hi SuexID,

i understood your problem - many users are talking about that. my question - if you use a i5 (and fitting RAM and graphic card, i guess) - how did you set your options?
i played the first half year on a Athlon XP single core with 2,05 GHZ and 1536 MB RAM - and a ATI 5400 with 1024 RAM. This is waaay lower than the system requirements said - but i was playing "somehow" Wink
from now on, i use a Intel Core2Duo with 2,8GHZ each core, 4 GB RAM and a Geforce 9800GT 512 MB - and i'm perfectly satisfied.
i set the options by myself, and i dont use the pre-settings...
important is the traffic, the number of parked cars, the number of busses and bus traffic settings in "Umgebungsverkehr", that will do a lot. Try to reduce the "Neighboortiles" (Anzahl Nachbarkacheln) to 1, maximum (!) 2 - thats way enough. And - if you can go with it - Stencil Buffer Effects Shadow off. Takes a lot of power.

I BET this will help Wink

for your request: Dont forget M&R are only 2 standalone people, not a big company like other game developers. they started the development of omsi 5 years ago - multicore wasn't really important this time. sure, its not up to date now, the engine system - but thats the deal. i hope you can live with that. Maybe, one day, there will be multicorefeature included - maybe... Smile

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Anmeldedatum : 18.02.11

BeitragThema: Re: Performance tweaks, and updates   Mi 5 Okt - 9:19

I also have a Intel Core i5 processor (2.80GHz) and the game runs great most of the time, sometimes it will slow down a bit near the Rathaus Spandau area. You can also try to download a new map, the New Berlin-Spandau Map is a great one for example but it slows down a lot on my computer. One time I was driving in the night with no traffic or many objects near me and the bus started jumping out of nowhere. Shocked So maybe you will find a map which runs fine on your computer.
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BeitragThema: Re: Performance tweaks, and updates   

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Performance tweaks, and updates
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