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 problem with repaint of mercedes 0405 N2

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Anmeldedatum : 05.03.11
Ort : Lugano /Lausanne (Schweiz)

BeitragThema: problem with repaint of mercedes 0405 N2   So 17 Jul - 12:16

Hi all
How can I bring up on Mercedes-Benz O405 N2 images on glass? because I tried to edit but when the image is on glass disappears and instead when it is in the body .On photoshop there was correctly, while in OMSI exactly the part that is on the glass does not appear, what file do I edit? because by changing only Rechst.bmp and lincks.bmp does not work. Other thing which is the file to modify the Sign?
Sorry for my English
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problem with repaint of mercedes 0405 N2
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