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 (For 3d modelers) Hedge/Fence/Walls

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Anmeldedatum : 04.05.11
Ort : Devon

BeitragThema: (For 3d modelers) Hedge/Fence/Walls   Do 16 Jun - 0:33


Would it be possible for somebody to model some hedges, fences and walls as splines?. Basically, the 'shrubbery' hedges we have as default in omsi don't work well on rural roads and you cant bend them, so they don't work on hills, either.
Also, walls and fences would be very useful in urban environment. Having these as splines would allow you to put walls and things on hills and on corners and would make a lot of routes look a lot nicer.

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Anzahl der Beiträge : 16
Anmeldedatum : 08.04.11

BeitragThema: Re: (For 3d modelers) Hedge/Fence/Walls   Fr 17 Jun - 8:48

I have same feeling and already asked for 'fence in spline type' in another post Very Happy

I have another suggestion too, the 'complete to' feature let us duplicate object easily, with alignment with the road (auto rotate). I am thinking that is it possible to add an option in .sco file to let omsi decide how it place? sometimes if there is slope spline section, the object (let say a light) will place vertically. If we make road fence in scenery object type, the fence will just place on the slope, without any rotation depends on the slope (that's not a real installation of fence...). But surely a road light cannot rotate depends on the slope, they need to be straight and always stand up 90 degrees from the land.
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Marcel Kuhnt

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Anmeldedatum : 26.04.09
Alter : 33
Ort : Berlin-Spandau

BeitragThema: Re: (For 3d modelers) Hedge/Fence/Walls   Fr 17 Jun - 10:11

Hedges are (nearly) not possible, because OMSI does not support (yet) the alpha channel for transparencies! But that's an item on our to do list! Wink
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BeitragThema: Re: (For 3d modelers) Hedge/Fence/Walls   

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(For 3d modelers) Hedge/Fence/Walls
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