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 Demo Video 3 ideas

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Anmeldedatum : 08.10.09

BeitragThema: Demo Video 3 ideas   So 15 Nov - 15:58

First, I think you should have at least about 6 buses in the yard or depot.

Thenn, if the driver is able to walk about, go around the buses and select your bus for the shift, (this should be done as it gets dark).

Then get the driver into the cab and press as many buttons as you can so the views can see and hear the different things that the driver does whilst testing the buses' systems. Whilst this is happening, switch from external to internal views so we can see what is going on.

Then the driver should do a quick look around both inside an outside of the bus whilst the engine is running so he can do a visual inspection. Then get the driver to go out of the yard or depot, then start to do a route, then midway through, stop and change buses at a bus stop, whilst their, get a couple of the other buses to pass so we can hear the sound. Then complete the route and go back ino the yard or depot, reversing into the parking bay (showing your reversing skills!) Then before ending the video, show a couple of other buses leaving and entering the yard or depot!

That would make for a great demo video!


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BeitragThema: Re: Demo Video 3 ideas   So 15 Nov - 16:05

Before a week they give us many pictures.
A video is hard work, and it takes to much time.
At taht time they can more work on OMSI Wink
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Ort : Bielefeld

BeitragThema: Re: Demo Video 3 ideas   Mo 16 Nov - 11:15

But your ideas are really good, James!

EDIT: Oh, your username is actually Speedy_Sticks, sorry... Embarassed
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BeitragThema: Re: Demo Video 3 ideas   

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Demo Video 3 ideas
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