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 Technical (but not only) wishes

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BeitragThema: Technical (but not only) wishes   So 13 März - 16:48

1. I wish that you would add an ability to assing mouse wheel scrolling as a clutch pedal. I tried to set it by PPJoy (a little, very useful tool, but FPS eating) as Z axis and it works, but FPS are lowered, not drastically of course, but visible, so I would like to set it in OMSI options. Now it isn't very useful, but if somebody make a bus with manual transmission, for example Mercedes O303 or O307 (I heard that they have ZF S6-90U gearbox, correct me if I have wrong info), it would be very useful to users that they don't have steering wheel.
2. A lock for ticket stampers* - it's not very useful right now, but in future... Smile
* in Poland we call these machines "kasownik", maybe I haven't translated it good
3. An ability to change the monetary value of the tickets - in my city day ticket costs 7.60 zl, normal 2.00 (not short route ticket, there isn't zone division in our bus communication system) and what if I would like to simulate their costs in OMSI? I've got photos, so it's very easy to do (there are a lot of mods like this).
4. More abilities to increase the FPS, like the colour depth or display frequency, possible to modify by the options dialog window.
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BeitragThema: Re: Technical (but not only) wishes   So 13 März - 18:09

MAN_SD200 schrieb:
mouse wheel as a clutch pedal

Very, very, very good idea!!!
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Technical (but not only) wishes
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