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 Reflections on/off while driving

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Anmeldedatum : 25.02.11

BeitragThema: Reflections on/off while driving   So 27 Feb - 19:16

Ok, so it is a performance enhancing idea:

The mirror reflections decrease my FPS about 40%. But i can't drive without them (even the economy setting is annoying when you have 20 FPS, but that is another thing Smile ).
I don't need the reflections when i am driving in the default view, because none of the mirrors are visible for me in that view (i have low aspect ratio). So it would be nice if there was an option that you could set, that would turn reflections off when you are in F1's default view. The reflections would turn on again when you change view with the left-right arrows.
I think this is a reasonably easy thing to implement since turning the reflections on/off is quite fast (it happens when i press F1-F2), and it would greatly improve my (and maybe some other people's) gameplay.
I only check my left and right mirror for a second or so at a time, and when i watch the inside mirror i don't need high FPS anyway since my bus is standing still.
So in the rest of the time i could enjoy a nice 33-34 FPS on Spandau, instead of 20-21.
What do you think?

Or even a mappable button to turn reflections on/off would make me happy. sunny

edit: of course when i am talking about reflections i only mean the mirrors, not the rest of the reflections (puddles, etc.).
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Reflections on/off while driving
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