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Anmeldedatum : 14.06.09
Alter : 26

BeitragThema: Ticketing?   So 14 Jun - 21:26

Hello there!

I have an idea - tell me what you think about it!

What about giving the passengers tickets? Like .. a ticketing machine what the driver operate by pressing the buttons and stuff like in real buses? And different types of costumers. Studenst, children, old people and normal adult-prices?

Even more buttons to press!

I cant WAIT until this simulator comes out! I will SO buy this, and try to make my own map about my local place; Haugesund in Norway..

another thing. What about roundabouts and stuff? There arent that many of those in Germany - so is that going to work in the sim?
Roundabouts dont use trafficlights and stuff. :]

Anyways! Smile Cant wait!

Greetings from Haugesund; Norway!
Very Happy
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Anmeldedatum : 12.07.09
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Ort : Southhampton, England

BeitragThema: Re: Ticketing?   Mo 13 Jul - 19:24


That is a good Idea

the only problem is that will take a long time and there will probible be allot of programming to make that work

I dont Know how the Game works so it maybe in the final vistion


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