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 Ideas and Questions

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BeitragThema: Ideas and Questions   So 14 Jun - 2:01

1. Will Omsi have A Busstation?
would be good to have a busstation with 7-8 buses parked to choose from or more
You said you click on buses to choose buses
So, say there is a Bustation and many buses you just go to the bus and click on it
However would be good if you could see yourself walking in/out the bus
Again I want to use GTA as example, you have many vehicles and you just walk in/out of them and drive
anyway Bustation is very important

2.Setup your own buslines say you have 7 buses with each 7 buslines on bustation
in a Freemode you choose where buses go
Say on City you have Trainstation,airport,Hospital,shopping mall etc...
So you make routes like Bustation-trainstation, Bustation-hospital etc....
but then you can change and drive Bustation-Central park, Bustation-Village
you just Write on Destination sign whatever you want to name it
say you want Central park to be called for another name you just type it to say "Skate park"
That way you can somehow make your own city by just change the names and display it on destination sign
without you have to Edit the whole route
Again like in Vbus you can put whatever you want on Destination sign thats cool

3. Have a good variety of buses
So far the doubledecker look very good
Hopefully there will be more buses included upon release
Having a good variety of different brands and models would make the game more exiting
On a bustation you can in real life find many different busmodels and is cool
I know the game is set to the 80s but wouldnt hurt to have 1-2 newer modell too
like Man lioncity and Mercedes citaro and some Setra 315/415
But if you only want 80s buses then let me sugest
there be some variety say not only Mercedes but Mercedes,Man,setra etc..
ofcourse all from buses that was/is traveling in Berlin

4. Good idea to include warning signal
thats it a Random Passanger inteligent system
that make passanger click the bell when they want bus to stop
So if nobody click the bell and there is nobody on the bustop then bus don't stop
this will make up for delays in the bus schedule

5. The bus schedule (timetable) should not be too tight to avoid to much delays
also could be good idea that you can make your own schedule
just like that you can drive freely and put the name you want on destiny sign
you can make a schedule and name the bustops on the schdule what you want.
in sort of a Personal free driving mode

6. Will Bus have Outside view
So if we wish not to always drive in CAB mode just press a key and you get outside view of bus
good idea is to have a 360 rotation view with zoom In/out

Anyway of all this ideas a Bustation that you can walk out/in of buses and choose buses
is most apreciated of all since bustation realy make the game more exiting

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BeitragThema: Re: Ideas and Questions   So 14 Jun - 11:28

Maybe we will include the Spandau bus depot. It's not that far from our line 92, but we can't promise.
We're still thinking about a walking mode, but if so, it will be a first-person view.

You can create your own timetable where you can set up routes and assign the different busses to their lines.
Nevertheless, in free mode, only you for yourself will be able to choose your route freely. So you cannot change the AI timetable while the program is running.
The names of the bus stops can be altered in the scenery editor. But you'll have to adapt the route filefor each bus to be able to show different destinations on the display.

At the moment, we can only promise the SD200 and SD202. But after the first release, we will continue making buses, of course. Furthermore, as OMSI is an open platform, after a while there will be plenty of 3rd party buses to choose from. Remember Flight Simulator 5 back in '95? It came out of the box with only 4 aircraft, but within one or two years, there were thousands of additionally planes, payware and freeware.

That's already included, watch for the yellow light on the panel in our videos. Of course, you can include a bell or a beep as a stopping signal.

This will be possible. See number 2 for details.

Yes. 360° freely zoomable. Cool
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Anmeldedatum : 14.05.09

BeitragThema: Re: Ideas and Questions   Mo 15 Jun - 15:56

Thanks, Including the Spandau busdepot would be Great
Now with Busdepot i mean a Busterminal where passanger wait for buses not a Garage where buses rest at night
but yes a busdepot plz include it bounce

You will make more buses but will they be Free
i mean if they was free then it will increase the Game popularity even more

Then you can for example ear money by making routes or .... selling the buses on CDs or something
but having the new Buses for free would certainly be good Laughing
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BeitragThema: Re: Ideas and Questions   

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Ideas and Questions
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